young, old young, love (True Nen by Milo)

how could I ever love the new you?

when i fell in love with the old you?

hatred has replaced your heavenly attitude

when the new you becomes a good you

ill wait for you to give my cue

what about the old me?

when my heart was broken where do you think id be?

i know i know “it’s all my fault”

ill hear you say that for eternity

is the love we had still there?

you say you dont but you still care

i can see it when you see me dance

if you still love me then theres still a chance

lets forget about all that past shit

lets fall in love like we still kids

am i scared? well hell yea

im scared that im gonna lose ya

“but what about all that shit you said”

lets start over with fresh heads

youre my girl kiddo and you know that

just fuck all of those other cats

ive said it before ill say it again

im sorry youre my best friend

we can try it likes its the first time

i know your name will you ask me mine?

(let the song play)

Present Tense

I was the only one singing

I sing alone


I was the only one who thought it was funny

I laugh by myself


I craved solitude more and more the lonelier I got

I fear solitude more and more the lonelier I get


Tense didn’t need too change

Tense is not the problem


I went into the woods

Because bark is harder than skin

Because the birds tell me to call for longer days and hiding in tall grass


The essential facts of life

Are followed by polished leather shoes and ink stained hands

Are left without rereading initials carved into trees


To learn what they had to teach

A shadow box of bent spoons and carved soap

A hammock wrapped in my father’s arms

Happy Birthday

I never liked birthdays before you showed me how fun they are

But as the years went by and we both got older

They again lost their luster


This year I saw my day as one I could be happy

I have more than just you to make them fun and feel loved

You made sure I knew that isn’t true


You went out of your way to make sure that I

and everyone else knew

There is nowhere for me to feel that way


“What do you want this year?”

“Nothing but your presence”

and now that is gone too


Souls only understand souls

Sprouts will never understand the sun

Fish may never understand rivers

Trains can never understand tracks

I’ll sit in the grass

Wilt in the sun

Curse the sound of the river

Lay on the tracks