My Garden

Here I look out over the garden

We once swore to grow


You wanted sunflowers taller than the fencing

I wanted ripe tomatoes for friends like my grandad used to sew


I always kept the seeds and hoe in the garage in case you ever wanted to try again


Four hours I toiled in the dirt digging alone in my stand

Kept the weeds out, cleaned the fence line, and turned the soil by hand


I would work to the bone for this


At times I planted in the wrong season

At times I didn’t ask what flower and for what reason


At times I pissed drunk into the orchids


For a long time, I wanted to forget the task

Abandon the thought and sail a new mast


Give up


You told me you could grow it alone

This garden is an ill-trimmed and desolate; a lawn


It was never meant for both our hands


I will always have the seeds

I still clean the hoe


I can replant anywhere, out of any toil, I can grow


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