I don’t care


No amount of apologies will ever uncut a felled tree

What does your heart tell you?

That should be your only compass

Remember what I said?

We are two souls that were bound together


No one is made for you like I am

No one is made for me like you are

Do what your heart tells you

I understand if you have thrown away that compass

You will always have a map to me



I could find someone who will pick out our first apartment together

I will have to find someone to start the garden with

When I come home someone will be there

Kissing the little toes on our little one

I would be just as happy I am



Listen to your heart

The sun and the moon must agree

Their relationship is not dominated by the sun’s passion

They share the sky


I am the little, grey moon

Sure, I can be happy sharing the sky with any star

But  day and night

are like two souls bound together


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